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Erasing the hate in Brooklyn
September 27, 2009, 8:29 am
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You’ve watched on these pages as I get all down on aspects of the Jewish community, maybe in the same way that Park Slope residents get unnerved by the shortcomings of their hood (baby stroller traffic jams, gentrification, etc.). So it’s nice every now and then when events conspire to somehow bring out the best in everyone.

I’m guessing that when Rabbi Bachman stood on the steps and blew his Jew-horn, it probably struck some divinely-branded electricity into these haterfolk…

These moments, where Jews represent themselves by acknowledging their interdependence with a larger community, seem so much more relevant than the inward-looking networking cocktails, cholents, Jewish singles events, and falafel noshes of yesteryear. I’m only sorry that it seemed to take equal-opportunity hate to bring out equal-opportunity love, but perhaps this can serve as a wake-up call.

local coverage here >>


Yom Kippur.


birthday, Ben E. King.

birthday, Confucius.


The Pork, the Yard, the Canal

Friday, October 10, the day following Yom Kippur, a Jew’s last chance to repent for the previous year’s vice. With the final blasts of the ram’s horn fading into whispery memory, all is somehow forgiven. But with these last moments of ritual comes a hunger– not just that feeling in your stomach from an all-day fast, if indeed your observance compelled you. It’s your soul’s momentary redemption, and with a clean slate and a fresh start, you begin to hunger anew for sin. Which is to say, you begin to hunger anew for swine.

Your despicable impulses take you to the banks of the most fetid body of water on the Eastern seaboard.

Can you smell that smell? The Gowanus Canal. (photos: Jill)

In the yard, a menacing beer line forms…

$1 Six Point Hop Obamas from 6-7pm. Election season has never tasted so delicious.

Bel Air strikes up a delightfully thunderous twang in celebration of Ear Farm‘s third birthday.

A 200-pound, organic, grass-fed heritage hog from upstate’s Fleisher’s gets its final flavor seal.

Marlow and Sons’ Tom Mylan slices pig, distributes cracklins. Holy Moses, indeed.

It is laid on a table for serving… (click for larger version)

Tacos de carnitas.

Apple crisp. This has no pork in it.

Darkness plunges the canal into a murky glow of streetlight, ignominy hidden.

Y Jew K day
October 9, 2008, 12:29 pm
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All Jewish sin clocks reset to zero today, so what better way to get a jumpstart on next year’s guilt than a Billy Ray Sheet song and a PETA video:

p.s. Happy birthday, John.