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Amanda H. and David G. on Sockets
March 9, 2008, 11:56 am
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I’m happy to announce that an excerpt of Amanda and David’s live performance last November (which I wrote about here) is part of a really cool experimental music podcast at Sockets. Scroll down the left-hand side of the Sockets site and look for the “third podcast,” or get it on iTunes. Also featured on the podcast are Embers and Extra Life.

Check out some recordings that Amanda and I made on our spiffy new myspace, and befriend us there.

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New Hebrew School demo posted today on the music page.


In studio with Amanda Huron
December 4, 2007, 12:42 am
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Sunday brought talented drummer, percussionist, vocalist, flutist, and penny whistle player Amanda Huron (above) to my home studio.  (You may remember Amanda from when we played a show at Paris London New York West Nile a month ago.)  We laid down about two hours worth of live tracking, with sublime results, if I say so myself.  More to come…

“Oh, right… there’s the audio…”

Friday show at PLNY

This past Friday night I had the honor of playing with Amanda Huron at Paris London New York West Nile. We had been playing together on and off almost since she moved to Brooklyn from D.C. over two years ago, and tonight was an exciting first time out for us as a duo.

My relation to experimental and noise music (or the various other unreliable terms it gets called in shorthand) has always been tenuous as the scenes they create tend towards a certain self-conscious bravado, particularly among the musicians themselves. This made playing at Paris London refreshing as the majority of the people there were unassumingly sociable and open to all sorts of music.

PLNY is a reasonably sized space in Williamsburg immediately abutting Glasslands (yeah, not the door with the security guard– the other one) run by some folks who live there and also have a record label called Shinkoyo. The non-acoustic performers were set up on a stage that doubles as a kitchen (good considering Myo made use of the range top during his performance).

Amanda and I had a good set; we started on drums and guitar, then flute and trumpet, and then somehow back again in 2 or 3 sections.

Myo and Caustic Castle joined up for the second set, using some creative techniques to make sound (i.e., the kitchen).

Next played Gestures, a delightfully unwieldy acoustic collective (a tuba, two trombones, a clarinetist, two drummers).

Brown Wing Overdrive has pretty much rocked my world from their start (real audio from BWO’s live appearance on Brian Turner’s WFMU show) but they permitted me no lack of amazement on this particular night.

Derek also plays banjo.

Amrita Dang, whose family hails from Delhi, Punjab, and Baltimore, played sitar and sang while she tweaked knobs on what I thought were a pair of electric tanpuras but were actually two digital samplers with real time effects.

Really, really great. Thanks to everyone who came out!