Hebrew School


Selected mentions, photos, etc. of David Griffin’s (and various alter-egos’) projects, in print, on the air and on the web.

* * *

New York Times

“…[T]he crowds parted like the Red Sea as a trumpet’s plaintive call announced the arrival of the groom…” read the article >>

Village Voice

The Murrays performance at Katz’s Deli’s first (and probably last) live show, and millenial commentary on then-emerging klezmer scene. read the article >>

“The title Gobbledegook may refer to the gibberish (or severely manipulated language) in David Griffin’s sound score… Griffin supports this with calamitous sounds.” read the article >>


“With songs in which traditional melodies are demolished and remade into electronic parables, Hebrew School is a thorough lesson in ingenuity.” read the article >>


“François Hardonne delivered a wicked trumpet solo…” read the article >>

Spin Magazine

Band of the day. read the article >>

SF Weekly

“Francois Hardonne applies the proper French accents via horns…” read the article >>

Teruah Jewish Music

“…low volume, introspective, guitar and sequencer driven pop a la The Feelies and The Magnetic Fields.” “…good recordings that whet my appetite for more.” read the article >>

Teruah Podcast Episode 2: The Story Show. listen to the podcast >>


“…François Hardonne sévit à la trompette comme un dieu vivant.” read the article >> translate >>

The L Magazine (1/7/09)

“Rock of David and Hebrew School need to get together and play every bar mitzvah this side of the Mississippi.”

Nextbook (2/11/09)

‘Ancillary Devices’ drops a hint obscure enough that it feels like a secret treat to pick out—the first notes are from ‘Adir Hu,’ a tune from the Passover seder.” read the article >>

Brooklyn Based (4/8/09)

“Relive summer camp (or play along with those remembering) at the record release party for Hebrew School, David Griffin’s project that reworks old Hebrew school classics with an indie rock bent.” see the full listing >>

Things That Make Me Go… (4/8/09)

“Record release party for Hebrew School” read the article >>

Brooklyn Courier-Life (4/10/09)

“Hebrew School calls this rockin’ class to order.” read the article >>

WFDU, 89.1 FM, Bill Hahn, “Sunday Simcha” (4/12/09)

“Hinei Ma Tov” see the playlist >>

Jewish Culture Examiner (4/12/09)

“Jewish events (mainly arts) this month” see the full listing >>


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