Hebrew School

A decade in Hebrew School

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to proclaim the Lucky Lucky Pigeons’ Bird Flu as the decade’s best album. The idea was to continue on with a “best of” list.

But starting with a record that only had 100 or so physical copies– made by a band that never played outside of Sweden– ended up being far too instructive. So for Hebrew School’s “aughties” I have decided to focus on the criminally unheard. Even better, I’ve dropped the superlatives and present you the following in no particular order:

Born Heller, “Good Times” from s/t, 2004.

Giselle Numba One, “Listen Kid”

Giselle Numba One is Montreal’s M.I.A. times Josh Dolgin.

Studiocat,  “Metropolitan” from Best of the Early Years

Studiocat was made up of Benjamin Butler and Anne Eastman. The 2003 album was made entirely on a Casio keyboard.

Lane, “Diamond Ring”

Lane is a seemingly defunct band from Sweden. Browsing myspace by unsigned indie/shoegaze, and then filtering by Sweden in 2006 might have brought you to Lane.

The 2007 reissue of Smokey and His Sister‘s self-titled Columbia LP.

Brooklyn duo Legends.

Hospitality has been diligently whispering smart melodies into your ear for half of the decade. Finally we’re paying more attention.

Remember when Jens Lekman got the swine flu? He’s the outgoing theme music for part one.


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