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August 18, 2009, 8:27 am
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Yesterday, I received the nicest note from a highly-respected fellow musician here in Brooklyn who had checked out my CD. It has some of the kindest words I’ve received to date about the project, especially since it conveys a lot of my intention for the album’s listeners. With her permission, I reprint it below:

David, I keep meaning to write to you about your album. The first time I put it on I thought it was pleasant but didn’t have much of a reaction. But then I put it on again, and again. And it’s funny, but it’s just about the only thing I listen to at home. I don’t actually listen to music very much (I try to keep my place mostly silent) but when I do, Hebrew School is all I want to hear. I put it on when I do the dishes. I put it on when I do situps and pushups. I put it on when I have friends over for dinner. I keep wondering why this is. If it matches my mood, or if it’s the mood I want to be in, or what. What I like is the coolness and elegance, the restraint of the vibe combined with the bits of warmth and compassion that spark out of the lyrics. I have no idea what the songs are about, I don’t really listen to the words, but to me they feel like someone who is quietly talking to him- or herself or to the universe in a very nice gentle way. And it’s just a really pleasant and happy experience for me. I don’t know if this is actually anything you intended, or that is actually in the songs, but that’s what’s there for me. I thought you might be interested in hearing one person’s reaction. And I wanted to thank you for making the recording because it’s added something really nice to my life.

Awesome, Brooklyn! I’m feelin the love.


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