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You’re still reading: Hebrew School turns 2!
March 30, 2009, 7:17 am
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Hot on the heels of our record release, Hebrew School, the blog, enters its terrible twos today. Thought I’d spend some time reminiscing with you on some memorable posts. So, let me take over as your momentary Audra Lindley as Suzanne Somers morphs into Jenilee Harrison, won’t you?


We spent the Passover before last with Abbie Hoffman, who showed us how to make gefilte fish from beyond. In between boiling the glops, Abbie ruminates on the social mores of being Dr. Spock’s dinner guest. Soon after, I wrote a post that would eventually serve as a precursor to a song that appears on the upcoming album.

In August ’07, digging through a pile of old LPs, I discovered that Jews really did have horns, and thought a little about the ’70s soundtrack for Jews being brought to the holy land.

And then I came across the mother of all bizarre Jewish rarities, Jewish Blues. No sooner had I posted it than Shmuel Simenowitz (below, left) emerged “out of the woods” to comment on its origins. Shmuel learned that very shabbos that this record would be remastered and re-released in CD format.


Between Jewish Blues and the Voices Four‘s Our Rock and Our Redeemer (above, right), I would have plenty to think about with my own music… or block out…

That fall, continuing to check out records search for meaningful Jewish identity, I discovered that ____ had seeped its way into Israeli popular music. Or was it that Brazil had seeped its way into ____ music? Yesh li banana.


Also that fall, I would have a serious reckoning with Gershon Kingsley. This was a really important one in terms of my project. I hope to write more about it in a future post.


Norman Greenbaum, from my home town, served as almost an opposite inspiration. I was later able to contact Norman to get a few questions answered. The following year, I wrote about the irony of Greenbaum’s (and my) Hebrew school facing the budget axe.

Just before Thanksgiving I wrote a little on the other Spock, who appeared on a Jewish children’s album in the ’80s retelling the Golem story.


2008’s post on Purim seemed to have a lot of interest; I guess I hit a nostalgic nerve. I also managed to put an end to a long-standing sibling quarrel over that one. Phew. Those Jews like their vapid children’s records…

Another Passover came and went, as did my dreams of becoming……… a banker.


That spring, I became an uppity Jew and demanded health care. (I’m still looking, by the way, and if you’d like to yenta me into an insurance fraud marriage, please get in touch and tell me how I can make it worth your while. I can make really delicious gefilte fish.)

Summertime in Brooklyn was replendent in outdoor concerts, including some memorable ones in Prospect Park featuring Golem and Deerhoof.


Election season couldn’t have been more fun and insane in Brooklyn and became fairly consuming. This post was looked at a lot on the blog, but now it sort of seems like a quaint artifact. Did anything actually come of “The Great Shlep” itself?

That fall and winter saw Hebrew School closing ranks as a band, recording the album, and playing to a packed house at Union Hall in January ’09.


Right before this year’s Purim, I started a semi-regular post called “Protocols of the Hypertexts of Zion,” which is basically a collection of “Jewish stuff on the web that doesn’t suck” and includes up-to-date news, events, and pretty much anything I want. A lot of folks seem to be enjoying it, so I guess I’ll continue doing it.

That pretty much brings us up to the present, the gift of the past to the future… Commentary? Dissent? Dysentery?

Lead-up to Passover and the record release in 3…2…


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