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Adir who?
March 31, 2009, 8:16 am
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So I was thinking about how nice it turned out that our record release show on April 14 will technically be on Passover (the seventh night, though it seems like most American Jews celebrate on the first and/or second nights, next Wednesday and Thursday, straddling the seder in Israel).

It’s funny because one of my initial song ideas– predating the Fellowship by a couple of years– was a song that somehow got “Adir Hu” worked into it. “Adir Hu” is a song that’s sung towards the end of the Passover seder.

Not sure how this happened. I had a very simple two-chord progression that worked really well with one of the traditional melodic standards for the song. I couldn’t help but think that some Jews at some point (50 years ago? a century? more? less? the origins of these melodies are always controversial, and I don’t really like it when Jews argue too much) had a little bit of Joey Ramone in them. Or a little Mambo-X, or Camera Obscura, or etc. etc. Milli Vanilli etc.

Just found this really old demo of “Ancillary Devices” (before the demo version on my myspace was made) from 2005.

Do you know what Passover is? Is it a Jewish thing?

Do some Christians celebrate it?

If you’re Jewish or not do you have any Passover plans for next week?

Do you have any Passover family traditions?

Click here to hear another version of “Adir Hu,” compliments of the Florida Atlantic University Jewish Sound Archives.


You’re still reading: Hebrew School turns 2!
March 30, 2009, 7:17 am
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Hot on the heels of our record release, Hebrew School, the blog, enters its terrible twos today. Thought I’d spend some time reminiscing with you on some memorable posts. So, let me take over as your momentary Audra Lindley as Suzanne Somers morphs into Jenilee Harrison, won’t you?


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Las Rubias at Barbès this Saturday

Las Rubias del Norte are playing at Barbès this Saturday, 3/28. It sounds like they’re going to be previewing some songs that they’re working on for their next album. Las Rubias includes Hebrew Schoolers Taylor Bergren-Chrisman and Giancarlo Vulcano on bass and guitar.

Every time I go to Barbès, there’s a group of bright-eyed young whippersnappers on their way in, one telling the other “have you been here yet?” It’s been around quite a while, but it’s somehow really that special kind of place– always an exciting new discovery.

The Rubias start at 10pm, but the 8pm band, Gato Loco looks like they’ll be very good, too (“Cuban son dance hits from the 1920s-1940s” + “amazing lineup of musicians”), so maybe I’ll come by early and have one of those hoppy beers they have there in the big tall glasses. Yum!

376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY
F train to 7th Ave. / R train to 9th St.

** also, tonight: catch The Dollars, a modern take on the music of Abdullah Ibrahim (a.k.a. Dollar Brand) at Le Grand Dakar restaurant in Fort Greene, 8:30pm

fucking hilarious.
March 23, 2009, 8:54 am
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via the Forward via JDub.

Record tracks posted
March 23, 2009, 7:51 am
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Sunset Park, Chinatown, yesterday

Check out the music page to stream some songs from the upcoming album!

Having trouble getting them to play? Drop me a line or comment below.


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H.S. record release party deets

Hebrew School //CD release

w/ Julia Barry, Mappa Mundi, and Will Dailey

Tues., Apr. 14., 2009, 9pm
Public Assembly
70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn


Hebrew School is excited to be sharing a bill with singer-songwriter and H.S. collaborator Julia Barry, ukelele-driven psychsters Mappa Mundi, and a rising star from my childhood street, Will Dailey.