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Office Naps returns!

After announcing an indeterminate hiatus six months ago, Office Naps returned last week with a new post, met by an outpouring of gratitude from DJ Little Danny’s loyal fans. Danny has posted an incredible collection of soul, funk and psych 45s, principally from the ’60s and ’70s. His posts are well-researched and impeccably written, and his knowledge of the music scenes he writes about is astounding. In the past, he’s focused on the lesser-known projects of the somewhat-better-known elsewhere, honed in on the historical doings of industry-noted L.A. session players, and unearthed the riddles hidden in the cryptography of those faded, misprinted circular labels.

The audio blogosphere, after half a decade of vacillating levels of acceptance and reproach within the status-quo music industry, relentlessly perseveres in dishing up the obscure, the forgotten, the overlooked, and the otherwise yard sale-bound. For every brow that’s furrowed, there are thousands of ear drums, thirsty for sound that would likely have never been heard.

With so many items on a given record label’s back catalog going out of print or disregarded in favor of the new and shiny, or the gapingly deficient remastered compilation, I’d venture to say that these blogs carry out an important social function in audio preservation. Where profit-driven labels may claim to do just that via selective reissue, it’s the actual music enthusiasts ripping out-of-print vinyl and putting up mp3s that prevent a processed revisionism of music history. And placement on a well-regarded blog can be much more of a boon for the undiscovered new artist than being approached by a questionable label representative in a seedy club.

That said, here are some more offerings from my aggregator. Enjoy!

Crud Crud – Scott Soriano productively rationalizes his vinyl hording, remembers to eat and sleep.

Diddy Wah – Podcasts, themed posts, and artist posts around an ecumenical array of genres.

Dinosaur Gardens – Retro cold war fear mongering, Jamaican indie, porno 8-tracks

Lost in the ’80s – Sick of the nostalgic wax of this decade? Try the underbelly.

Record Robot – Recent features include a bizarre children’s record, nationalistic “synth ditties” from a marginally-known indie godfather, and a Christian-overtoned night club act singing a CCR medley.

The Strange Experience of Music – Amazing blog, in French (you can always Babelfish it for a rough translation), primarily dealing with ’60s psych of both American and European origin. They’re most known for compiling their own French and Italian versions of the renowned Nuggets compilations.

Sweet Thunder’s Tape Findings – A fascinating collection of found sound, mostly in the form of kids making home recordings on cassette tapes. Listen to the likes of junior high girls extolling the dreaminess of Peter Criss, and a boy from several decades ago wreaking havoc on his little brother while talking about how he threw up at Disney.

Waxidermy – A blog that remains distinctly weird despite its popularity.

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog – Just because.


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