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Norman Greenbaum’s Hebrew School may close
February 26, 2008, 1:19 am
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There’s an editorial today in the Jewish Advocate, a Boston Jewish weekly, about the possible closure of the Hebrew school of my youth, now called the Metro North Regional Hebrew School.

Part of me wants to simply say “good riddance;” Hebrew school for me was little more than a six-year-long speed reading and kosher hot dog eating competition, injected with repetitive song and pedantic, seemingly indisputable utterances of hegemonic notions of Jewishness. And part of me wonders if, without Hebrew school driving me crazy, I’d still have the same inspiration for this project.

What’s definitely saddening to me is the fact that the Jewish kids of my hometown would be overlooked, simply because they are small in number and not the kids of another upscale suburban Jewish community. A lot of the kids I went to Hebrew school with at the time were from low-income families (the school was blocks away from rows of low-rise public housing developments); most of us existed in an economic strata that I would refer to as working class.

It’s also saddening to think that the Hebrew school that Norman Greenbaum attended would close.

More Malden here.


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