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Jews in the woods
January 23, 2008, 1:30 am
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This past weekend, the Jews kidnapped the fellowship artists and brought us to a secluded location in rural New Jersey. Fortunately our quarters were comfortable and no Geneva Conventions violations were reported during our stay (at least no non-consensual ones, anyway).

above: The paddywagon

During our extradition, a wet snow begins to fall. The bus, too large to navigate the back roads, gets stuck on some train tracks on an icy hill and we all evacuate. A while (but not long enough!) after the bus moves to safer grounds, a train comes barreling through.

Indoctrination begins in the meditation room. We receive artist feedback here by staring into the electric crystal.

On the second evening at sundown, a bizarre candle-lighting ritual ensues as we are relieved of our duties. (Note the gangly state of the male detainees.)

Avishai snuck in some delicious Ethiopian challah bread made of teff and flour. A carton of cigarettes procures us enough wine for kiddush.

A rumored hunger strike never materializes.

We bundle up for a very moving movie, presented by Tamar Rogoff. Our spirit has been softened.

In the morning, I bribe some of my cohort to do yoga for me, and for the rest of the day I feel much more relaxed.

“Achota” Rebecca Guber leads us on a hike. (Those who have recently given birth to adorable Jewish babies are allowed to walk ahead.)

As our shadows grow long, our map leads us through an open field of rifle-bearing meat enthusiasts with little Jewish sense of humor, so we turn back.

C.C. for havdalah will be just fine, actually, thanks.

Everyone’s favorite female sage

The grounds of Mount Eden have many charming details.

Cookie monster, somewhat faded


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