Hebrew School

Because the Shondes are having a record release
January 11, 2008, 1:57 pm
Filed under: indie, jewish, music, shows

Funny weather out here in Brooklyn– tropical thunderstorms and lightning in January. Will winter be this politically correct from now onwards (seriously folks, my windows just rattled)?

A while back, Jack had alerted me to the fact of the Shondes having their record release at Luna Lounge in Williamsburg tonight. But I forgot. Then my cousin Erica Cohen-Taub, who’s the general manager at WXBC and in the city for the next little while, happened to have an advance copy of their new CD, Red Sea, in a recent stack of promo mailings. Which is awesome. So I’ll be going to the show if I am not struck by lightning beforehand.

As Jack points out in the link above, the Shondes are part of an interesting (though not necessarily new) opening for bands that identify themselves in one way or another as Jewish without necessarily buying into the hegemony of a monolithic idea about what being Jewish might mean. (I call it “jewish with a small ‘j.'”) I’m excited for the show and plan to report back.

“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”


Non-sequitur news flash: The next Coen brothers movie will be about Hebrew school, “in a big way.”


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