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The pork, the park, the South (of Brooklyn)

Some images* and thoughts from the first weekend in 2008, which was a mild and beautiful one here in NYC.

First, I run into Yasmine Alwan in Park Slope. It’s been too long and it’s nice to see her.

Jill and I go to Two Boots in Brooklyn. I never realized until recently what Two Boots meant (the “boots” of Italy and Louisiana) though it’s apparent now in much of their imagery. Back in the day, I used to play here with Mike Mermin. Many happy memories. We eat oyster po’boys and steaks and share a pizza. We meet Tali Shmulovich and her 17-year-old brother John to see John’s guitar teacher’s band, a New Orleans-style mix of Dr. John-tinged blues and R&B.

Excellent musicianship abounds.

We dance.

The next morning (well, afternoon since it starts to get dark), Jill and I meet Yasmine in Prospect Heights for brunch. The area’s residents are infuriated by the large-scale ugly land development occurring here.

Jill helps me demo a new Hebrew School song which uses certain familiar liturgical lyrics (hint– the words can be sung to the tune of La Marseillaise or “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys, though we won’t, and we’re not).

We take a walk in Sunset Park (i.e., the park which is the neighborhood’s namesake). It continually acquires more and more beauty for me.

Directly above: Is this fountain a reified imaginary personification of the park?

…or is this?

The weekend is finished appropriately with pork ribs.

Is the park pork, or is the pork the punctum of the park?

* I found my camera, thus keeping my word about the new year.

Another post about Sunset Park.


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Nice! Where was it?

Comment by Brah

Boro Park, by way of the basement of an orthodox synagogue…

Comment by David

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