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Cleaning out my myspace

Every now and then I muster the strength to go through the human- and cyborg-generated friend requests that have accumulated on my myspace page.  It takes way too much time but, however few, the music delights I discover are often worth the tribulations.  Last weekend’s cleaning:

blowin kisses

Broken Electric Records

Urban Barnyard

Marnie Stern

Pussy *

Jewish Legend

niagara falls

Big pagan feast day coming up… everyone enjoy! (I know I will…)

* Actually pointed out to me by friend Taylor Bergren-Chrisman. Check out their friends– endless bands of this ilk… Amazing.


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I’ve got the Jewish Legend CD. It’s pretty fabulous. I hate doing “band math” (band x is a like the beatles + Judas Priest – the hair), but Jewish Legend is like David Bowie + Shriekback. Or something like that. I exchanged some email with JL’s Dan Reichmann and posted about it back in May. He gave a great answer to why he choose the name Jewish Legend (but I’m not sure if he was pulling my leg).

Comment by Jack

Awesome! Thanks for the shout-out, with snap-shot, too. I must give props to Porkchop SS, aka PRIVATE_SECTOR of myspace for his incredible dj ka-knowlegde.

Comment by Taylor

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