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Third Avenue Comes 2nd

photo from savethedeli.com


How psyched are we, brother and sister, gentile and Jew, that the 2nd Avenue Deli reclaimed its existence in Murray Hill this past Monday? The blogosphere certainly is:

eater.com – “The people do love their pastrami.”

gawker.com – “And this, the best food-related sentence we’ve read in a while: ‘There are two things that I love but my mother always told me not to eat. I love kishke, you know, derma. And I love gribenes.'” [Quoting owner Jeremy Lebewohl]

kosherblog.net – “To avoid the apparently inevitable ‘my hashgacha [i.e., divine providence] can beat up your hashgacha’ conversation, I remind you that Kosher Blog recommends that you check with your local rabbi regarding any questions about appropriate kashrut.”

News of the reopening came to me via fellow muncher Steve Silberman who forwarded me a post on the Well by his friend Gary Lambert:

“Perfect, perfect and perfect. The Dr. Brown’s seemed like an especially
good vintage… a ’98, perhaps? The matzo balls their old
supernaturally fluffy selves, the broth just right, with that little
hint of dill. And the pastrami, with that great peppery outer rim, was
better than any I’d had at the old location in its final years — an
encouraging sign that Jeremy Lebewohl intends to make good on his pledge
to not simply reopen the deli, but to reverse any slippage that occurred
after Uncle Abe’s death and restore the family business to its glorious

Jeremy Lebewohl: Birth of a Deli Man


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