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The Weekend, Pixelated

View from my back window on Friday night, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

I lost my camera during Chanukah, so this past weekend was spent in an odd realm of cell phone rectangles.

Friday night, I started out the evening by going to a gallery opening at Flux Factory in Long Island City, Queens where fellow Six Points fellow Andrea Dezsö was showing her work. The show was called New York New York New York and featured a raised map of the city along the entire floor of the gallery. Participating artists created pieces corresponding to the geographical area in which their work was placed. Andrea’s piece depicted Lilith and her son performing at the Lilith Cabaret in Coney Island.

There’s such an astonishing level of intricacy and detail in Andrea’s work, physically and conceptually, that it leaves one feeling delightfully dizzy. I understand that these are a series of animation studies for her fellowship piece, entitled The Demon Bridegroom. (More here.) Sadly, it sounds like Flux’s future is up in the air– I hear their lease is coming to an end. This makes me acutely aware of the passage of time as I had a sound installation in a show there in 2003.

Left: also on display, toy taxis running along a treadmill. Right: view from the back roof of Flux Factory. Queens is a trip…

Later that night, I proceeded to Greenpoint, Brooklyn (not a far distance from Long Island City, but a disproportionately long subway ride) where I got to see Harvest, Abacus, the Curhakestra, and finally Hells Hills.

Top: Abacus. Bottom: The Curhakestra.

Saturday found me up at dawn where I proceeded to morning Sabbath services at… Just kidding. Saturday I broke the Sabbath with White Magic at the newish Music Hall of Williamsburg with old and dear friend Erin Dowding (who once made good on a pledge to read 100 books in a year). The show was excellent (and the Music Hall is a great-sounding venue, if you have not been there yet), but I kept referring to them as the Blake Babies.

Clockwise from top: Juliana Hatfield (Mira Billotte), Evan Dando, and John Strohm.

“L’Shanah HaBa’ah Hi-Res”


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