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Chanukah In Retrograde
December 13, 2007, 5:20 pm
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Chanukah Song Parade (Menorah Records)

Well, the plan was to find a cool Chanukah record to blog about, but here I am, days after the end of Chanukah, with a lot of Chanukah records that aren’t good enough to be shitty or shitty enough to be good.

Also found at the WFMU record fair, this LP (available in its totality here, in Florida Atlantic University’s Judaica sound archives, though you might not want to do that) takes us through all the candle-lighting prayers and “traditional” ’50s American Ashkenazi Jewish Chanukah songs. A boon for those of that generation who felt guilty of their religious errancy; just play this record and let Chanukah be celebrated for you and your kids. Why all the fuss?

Anyhow, this record’s “Ma’oz Tzur” does sound pretty good backwards, allowing us to zoom up to Chanukah as we zoom away from it at 29 frames per second in the accompanying video:

Candles dying out on the final night of Chanukah…


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