Hebrew School

What I’ll be eating for Chanukah

Allegedly on display at Balducci’s, via NancyKay Shapiro.

Fortunately I later made latkes while listening to Claudine Longet and Fenner, Leland & O’Brien. Perhaps the onions made me cry more…


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n.b. 2,000 is arbitrary; I just used it to represent the common era, and the most conspicuous flies in the ointment. I realize one could say 3,000 or even 5….

Comment by David

Funny video. How did you ever learn of Fenner, Leland & O’Brien? They’re pretty obscure. It makes me happy that far-flung people still listen (albeit painfully) to my late brother’s music, since he was only 21 when he died. shalom! Meredith Leland

Comment by Meredith Leland

Hello, Meredith–

I went to Colgate with Kevin S. and Wick, and was seeing Jimmy in spring/summer 1972. I’d like to share some (good)things with you, if you don’t mind…but not in a public forum. Would you please contact me on Facebook?

If you want to check with Kevin, I’m in touch with him now via Facebook.

I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Comment by Kris DiLorenzo

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