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Jesus in a friend
November 7, 2007, 1:23 am
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(No record fair posts yet, folks, but dot your t’s with this during the worthwhile wait:)

Lisa Stolberg, Close to Home

Trayf post #2! (or 3, depending on how you count)

If you’re just joining me, simply wishing a summary, or completely mortified, I’ve recently covered:

– Artists with Jewish-sounding names, who are actually Jewish, singing about Jesus (here)

– Artists without Jewish names, who are not actually Jewish, covering artists with Jewish-sounding names who are actually Jewish singing about Jesus (here, second from last)

Clearly there’s a void to be filled here, so without further ado: Artists with Jewish-sounding names who were not actually Jewish, singing about Jesus.

I found this record at a Salvation Army in Richmond, VA.  Here, Lisa Stolberg sings mostly straight-ahead country/folk about the “joy in her life,” but on one track on this album, “Take a Look,” she mixes it up and gets a little punk / new-wavey. Dig it:


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