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potage de poulet
November 1, 2007, 3:01 pm
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A return to these brick walls, where cold is threatening to set in, only meant one thing. That’s right, I can feel it fast approaching that time of year. Fortunately, Sunday, as the Halloween drek was swept, I sent my roommate to the coop to get me some organic dill (thank G-d for the shift swap). And a soup was born. A chicken. Fucking. Soup.

The flash is capturing the fat that rises to the top. I skim off the schmaltz after refrigerating.

The remnants of chicken soup are never pretty but they do make a good chicken salad…

That’s a lot of fucking chicken soup in Seven Stars and Butterworks Farms containers…

There is no real recipe or secret here so no need to ask… I will tell you that there were no parsnips.


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Hey! Those are my yogurt containers! Some of them once contained full fat maple flavored yogurt, and others contained non-fat French vanilla (depending on my mood that day). Now they are imprisoned in the freezer bursting with frozen soup!

Comment by Christopher

I have been corrected and with no sense of indignity I admit that the correct title of the post should have been Soupe de Poulet. A potage is a specific soup made with a purée of vegetables

Comment by hebrewschool

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