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October 30, 2007, 1:24 am
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Pardon my silence last week as I scaled the ghetto wall for some important engagements.

For Nous Non Plus, CMJ week somehow bled effortlessly into preparations for a Rubulad Halloween party, which then led to personal Halloween engagements…

Above: Myself at a still-decent hour with long-time friend Kate Taylor. Opinions conflicted: Was I Björn Borg? an American Apparel ad? And who was Kate?

Meanwhile, Slovenian telecom smiled fondly upon us and licensed our song, “Lawnmower Boy” for a TV cell phone spot. Oh, those Slovenians and their penchant for SMS shorthand and risqué bedroom scenes… As our manager noted, glasnost has finally trickled down to the world of faux-French rock.

In other news, I’ll be playing a show next Friday at Paris London New York West Nile with good friend and D.C. percussion rebel Amanda Huron (ex-Caution Curves). Joining us on the bill will be Myo, Caustic Castle, Brown Wing Overdrive, and Gestures. See events page for more details.


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[…] I’m happy to report on the success of Hebrew School’s first show this past Sunday at Banjo Jim’s. Since the show for me was somewhat experimental in nature– a way for me to chart the project’s musical direction in a live setting– I hadn’t publicized it widely outside of the blog. Nonetheless, a staunch group of dear friends came out to support me, including the amazing Jill Vogel, playwright Adam Mathias, director William Addis, Jorge Reichert, and dear friend Kate Taylor. […]

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