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God is a Moog
September 26, 2007, 2:33 am
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God is a Moog: The Electronic Prayers of Gershon Kingsley

Much has been written and said about Mr. Kingsley, especially since a subset of his Jewish material was re-released by Reboot Stereophonic a couple of years ago. (Check out the Reboot link for clips, videos, interviews, etc.) The composer and musician, while most famous for the chintzy hit “Popcorn,” was a pioneer of the Moog synthesizer, and then later the Fairlight and Synclavier. His work ranged from the radically experimental Music Between Chairs (mp3 link) to music used for parades at Disneyland. Somewhere in between, he did a soft-core porn soundtrack, weird electronic beat poetry collaborations, and a ’70s collection of synth-driven Jewish rock-opera albums for holiday ceremonies. (His Passover and Shabbat albums are included on God is a Moog.)

In a 2005 Times article, he is quoted as saying, “I’m a religious composer who doesn’t like religion.” Perhaps that sums up the exceptional quality of the Jewish music heard here, which manages to be melodious (sing-songy vocals) and esoteric (filtered analog blips and bleeps), devoid of baggage and weighty all at once.

More Gershon:

official website

samples of the cd

79 versions of “popcorn”

the first moog quartet- bei mir bistu shein (youtube video)


A special shout-out today to Jack Zaientz, who on Monday featured Hebrew School on Teruah. Check out his site.


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David. I love “God is a Moog.” Great stuff. Have you listened to the Mexican Institute of Sound remix of “Jewish Experience” It’s excellent.

Comment by Jack

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