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I felt mixed feelings of sadness and living in some strange bizzaro world on today Sept. 11, coming in on the subway via the Manhattan Bridge.  The conductor came on the speakers and started singing the Star Spangled Banner. He did not have a very good voice, but to his credit it is a very hard song to sing. Some people applauded when he was done. Another man muttered, “It sounded like a prayer to me.” I was busy getting sucked into a conversation with my next door neighbor about how she continually sabotages her chances for “true love.” 

Some cool Jewish music blog spottings:
– Israeli-American band Sabra on the WFM-Jew blog.
– April Winchell’s OyTunes.

Also, my fellow fellows at Six Points have some events coming up:
– Jeremiah Lockwood’s Sway Machinery do a rock Rosh Hashanah event tomorrow at Angel Orensanz.  Jeremiah’s grandfather gave his debut concert there in 1949 when it was the Slonimer Synagogue.  RSVP here.
Ofri Cnaani has an exhibition at the Andrea Meislin gallery in Chelsea, opening September 20.

above: Ofri Cnaani

Have happy high holidays, Jews!  


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