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El-Al in-flight music
August 27, 2007, 7:27 am
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Nobody told me there’d be days like these / Strange days indeed. -John Lennon

Yeah, the ’70s, that happy and upbeat time when we could forget about a few wars, stop lamenting the demise of the Left and, well, you know, bungle in the jungle. To think that I was hardly born. And what better way for American Jews to soak in the revelry than with some in-flight entertainment slapped onto vinyl by El-Al airlines. One can only hope that the poor folks on Flight 219 that day had this piped in until Leila Khaled was overpowered– I’m sure they wouldn’t have been concerned in the slightest. In fact, upon my initial listen a few weeks ago, I haven’t felt a thing at all beyond a glazed-over, ambiguous sense of well-being.

There are a whole series of these El Al albums– put out in the States by CBS!– featuring popular Israeli artists of the day (Irv. Goodman, Geula Gill, Helena Hendel, Yehoram Gaon, Yaffa Yarkoni…). The material consists of all your standard Zionist and traditional classics, plus some original hits. Between this and your aunt Sylvia, there ain’t no way you’re not gonna make aliyah now…


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I want to see a blog post about medieval villages, dandelion wine and threads of sleeves of garments that get caught on the cascading twigs of willow trees and are taken by the wind to the sea where they are guided by the moon.

Comment by Corrie Beth

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