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Al Tijuana & His Jewish Brass

I’ve been looking for this one for a while, and, mah rabu ma-asecha Hashem (yep, Her creations clearly are wondrous), it appeared on the WFMU blog Sunday night (obviously sleep was a bad idea). It appeared along with a score of other Tijuana Brass wannabe bands. No, I did not realize there were so many. Al Tijuana, pictured, is none other than comedian Lou Jacobi, arguably known best for his role as a transvestite husband in Woody Allen’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask).

The album is a mix of TJB standards (“The Yellow Rose of Texas,” “Malaguena”), 50s and 60s popular songs, and Jewish classics (“Tsena, Tsena”), interspersed with periodic un-funny quips from Jacobi– “Never on a Sunday? Well we say never on a Saturday!” Compare with Mickey Katz, brilliant parodist and actual musician– admit it, David, you hate it.

Well, okay, but a few shining moments– the theme to Peter Gunn, “A Taste of Honey,” “It’s Not Unusual.”  Not, it’s not.

n.b. Lest you be deterred by the spate of easy listening posts these past few weeks, please remember that I can and do rock. (youtube link)


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This has been one of my favorite party albums over the years. People say it sounds better than the original. Maybe I should join the fan club.

Comment by Charlie Greenwood

Stereo? This is in stereo? Where can I get a stereo copy? Mine is in mono!

Comment by Charlie Greenwood

Hi Charlie,
I think all of it, along with some other gems, can be found here. (mp3s, yes, but also stereo)


Comment by David

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